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    U.S. Drones Record ISIS Fighters Fleeing Manbij in Northern Syria - The victory, along with the recapturing of the Libyan city of Surt, could have a significant effect on the group?s efforts to penetrate Europe and the West.
    Daily Report: Amazon?s Drones May Not Be So Crazy After All - When the online retailer unveiled its drone project in 2013 it was mocked. It still sounds like a long shot, but it doesn?t seem so crazy anymore.
    Think Amazon?s Drone Delivery Idea Is a Gimmick? Think Again - Amazon doesn?t reveal much, but a little sleuthing suggests that drones may be central to the online retailer?s long-term strategy.
    U.S. Releases Rules for Airstrike Killings of Terror Suspects - The disclosure of the ?playbook? for drone strikes further lifts the secrecy cloaking a much disputed tactic for fighting terrorism outside conventional war zones.
    With Manhattan as Their Backdrop, Drones Will Zip, Glide and Race - About 100 drone pilots are spending part of their weekend competing in a race in New Jersey, one of the first of its kind.
    Amazon Expands Drone Testing in Britain - The British Civil Aviation Authority will allow the company to test several technologies that the United States has not permitted.
    Indian Air Force Plane With 29 Aboard Disappears - The plane, which is missing over the Indian Ocean, was carrying mostly service personnel, an official said.
    Technology Is Monitoring the Urban Landscape - Much technical change in American cities will involve monitoring, which can make life easier but poses troubling questions about privacy and control.


Introduction to Military Aircraft

Military aircraft designed primarily for attacking strategic enemy targets and to gain air superiority. The bomber is designed to attack ground targets using bombs and air to surface missiles. Fighters in comparison are small, fast, and maneuverable and are the means by which air forces achieve superiority in the air. The term military aircraft also encompasses helicopters, reconnaissance, tankers and supply aircraft.

Key dates

1907: US Army specification far 2 seater military airplane with top speed of 64kph (40mph) and a range of 200km (125 miles).

1910: First demonstration of projectiles being dropped from a military aircraft.

1910: German patent taken out for a device allow fixed machine gun from an airplane.

1912: First British armed aircraft, Vickers FB1 ordered by Admiralty. Royal Flying Corps formed.

1913: First aerial combat takes place in Mexican civil War.

1914: First World War begins heralding a new era in aviation.

1915: Aerial bombardment of London by Zeppelin LZ-38. First flight of the all metal Junkers J1

1916: The emergence of Fighter aces begins

1917: First ever land on a ship under way carried out by E. H. Dunning in a Sopwith Pup.

1921: First sinking of a battle ship by an aircraft.

1922: This aircraft carrier USS Langley enters service.

1930: Frank Whittle a 23 year old RAF officer patents the jet engine.

1935: A prototype Douglas DC3 flies for the first time

1939: The second World War begins. The world's first jet aircraft the prototype Heinkle Hr-178 flies

1941: Carrier launched attack on Pearl Harbor. The He-280 becomes the first operational jet fighter.

1942: Me-262 exceeds 539 mph in test flights.

1944: The first V2 missiles are fired at London. The first Japanese Kamikaze mission are carried out.

1945: The B-29 Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

1947: The Bell X-1 flown by Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier.

1950: A Mig-15 and F-80 Shooting Star carry out the first all jet combat.

1953: Scott Crossfield exceeds Mach 2 in a Douglas D-558-2.

1959: Gary Powers flying a U2 is shot down over the USSR.

1965: SR-71 Blackbird exceeds Mach 3.