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Boomerang Fighters in formation

The Australian Flying Corps was formed on 22nd October 1912. The new air arm was initially equipped with two B.E.2a, a Bristol Boxkite and two Deperdaussin.

A central flying school was created on 7th March 1913 with first training course commencing on 17th August 1914

First World War

8 th February 1915 the Indian government asks for assistance of Australia to supply trained airmen. Although the Australian government supplied personnel to the Indian government they were unable to supply aircraft.

Between 8th February 1915 to November 1918 Four AFC squadrons joined the British flying RE8s, Sopwith Camels, Snipes SE5s and DH5s. Australian airmen were engaged in reconnaissance photography, artillery spotting, bombing and strafing raids on German positions.

Between the Wars

On 31st March 1921 the Australian Air Force was formed with the prefix Royal being granted on 13th August of the same year. At this point in time the RAAF comprised of 21 Officers, 128 airmen and 153 aircraft. By the beginning of World War 2 this had increased to 310 officers, 3,179 airmen and 246 aircraft.

World War 2

RAAF personnel operated in my areas throughout the war 15,746 were assigned to British squadrons with 11,641 being placed with Australian squadrons. By the end of the war the RAAF had increased in size 173,622 men and women in 570 units around the world.

During this time the the RAAF were operating Liberators, Mosquito's, Mustangs, Dakotas, Catalina's, Beufighters, Kittyhawks and Spitfires.


After the invasion of South Korea from the north No 77 squadron was assigned to the United Nations flying a variety of missions including ground support, air patrols and escort missions.


The RAAF initial involvement in this conflict commenced on 8th August 1964 with the deployment of No 35 Squadron flying Caribou transport aircraft. The squdron continued to operated in Vietnam until 26th February 1972. No 9 squadron were deployed operating Irquios helicopters during May 1966, the final deployment was No2 squdron which operated Canberra bombers flying from Phan Rang from April 1967 to June 1971.

1980 - Present

The RAAF was now emergy as the modern airforce we see today operating the F111 bomber, C130 transporter and P3 Orion with the Boing 707 air to air refuklling and transport aircraft under consideration along with the F18 Hornet. In May 1985 the first consignment of Hornets were deployed to replace the aging Mirage III's that had been in service since 1964.